Our Story

Bemontex has been developing functional quality clothing since 1976. In addition to our own outdoor brand ‘Life-Line’, we produce private labels in the categorie outdoor. The Life-Line brand focuses on people who like to be outside! Life-Line is a Dutch family business that provides outdoor enthusiasts with functional, protective quality clothing.

Our mission is to lead you to a healthy way of life and achieving your goals on fitness and vitality. Walking is a sport with many benefits for body and mind. Think of relaxation, reduced risk of diabetes, strengthening of bones and muscles and a positive effect on your memory. No matter what your age is and if you prefer a challenging walk or a relaxing day outside. We have developed a wide range of functional walking and outdoor clothing that maximizes your comfort and joy during your outdoor experience.

We create comfortable, functional hiking and travel clothing. We are the specialist in zip-off pants and anti-insect clothing.


By using the latest technologies, we created products that have been impregnated with HHL Vital Protection – a revolutionary and long lasting anti-insect technology that can help you avoid nasty, itchy bites or serious illness. It provides Quickdry, UPF50 and anti-microbial functionality for hygienic and durable fabrics. Stay protected and comfortable.

In our Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct we describe all criteria for our chain of suppliers. Most important ones: No child labour and health and safe working environment.

By purchasing a Life-Line product you can be assured that de implementation of our Code of Conduct and the protection of the environment has our full attention and commitment. Together into a healthy future.